The way I practice is exploratory, rather than structured or pre-planned. My style is informal and at-ease; I try to create a space where you can relax enough to become more of who you actually are, rather than feeling like we are analyzing or troubleshooting you. The focus of our sessions isn’t determined by what we worked on last time or by a treatment manual – it emerges from what you are wanting, wondering, or feeling each time you arrive. I work best with people who are willing to continue the work of therapy between sessions, by practicing present-focused awareness and experimenting with gentler, more curious responses to their own feelings, thoughts, and body sensations.


I believe that our struggles are messengers. If we know how to listen, they can teach us about our deepest needs. Our struggles also bring wisdom about lost or disowned parts of ourselves that are searching for a way home, and the particular risks we may each need to take in order to feel more alive. Greeting these messengers with compassion and curiosity can loosen rigid patterns and storylines, setting us free to reconnect with our vitality. And even when it’s not possible to undo the source of pain, as in cases of trauma, it’s still possible to learn an entirely new way to dance with what hurts – and to commit to inviting joy, flexibility, and fullness in.

I offer a collaborative space where you will be supported to learn to listen to your pain in a way that brings you into more fulfilling connection with yourself, your relationships, and your world. Because connecting more deeply with the truth of your experience takes courage and vulnerability, my approach will also empower you to discover your own strength and set your own pace. Our relationship will be rooted in trust, imagination, and fierce respect for the journey you’re on.


My approach is a fusion of many therapeutic styles. My primary influences are Gestalt therapy, feminist therapy, and Buddhist and humanistic psychology. I am also trained in EMDR and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Please see the Services + Fees section of the website for details regarding the types of concerns clients typically work on with me.


I believe that, in the words of Vikki Reynolds, “a socially just world is a mentally well world.” My framework attends to ways in which systems of oppression generate trauma and other health impacts. I am LGBTQIA+-affirming, and a body-positive/Health at Every Size philosophy informs my work.