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Therapy with me is a playground, not a boot camp. We’re not in this to “fix” you. We are supporting you to befriend yourself at the deepest level possible. The way I practice is collaborative, and my style is informal and at ease. I aim to create a space where you can relax enough to become more of who you are, rather than feeling like we are analyzing or troubleshooting you.


My approach is a fusion of many therapeutic styles. This means that when we meet, we may decide upon a single modality (such as EMDR) that works best for you, or we may flexibly adjust what we’re doing according to your interests and desires on any given day. The focus of our sessions is never determined by a treatment manual or limited by what we worked on last time. One week, we may focus on listening to your body sensations in the present, and the next week, we may focus on cultivating insight into how your past is constraining your beliefs. 


I believe that our struggles are messengers. There isn’t just one “right” way to listen to these messengers, and part of my job is to help you learn your own best way to listen. By turning toward rejected, painful, or disowned parts of yourself with curiosity and compassion, you can loosen rigid patterns and storylines, set yourself free to reconnect with vitality and creativity, and commit to inviting joy, flexibility, and fullness in.


I work best with people who are willing to continue the work of therapy between sessions, by practicing present-focused awareness and experimenting with gentler, more curious responses to their own feelings, thoughts, and body sensations. If you are willing to look with curiosity and self-compassion at how you hold yourself back, and if you want to find empowerment through taking responsibility for your own growth, we may be a good fit.


My primary clinical influences are Gestalt therapy, Buddhist/mindfulness-based therapy, EMDR, and humanistic therapy. I have trained in many additional types of therapy and am always interested in your thoughts about what kind of approach feels most like home to you. 


I believe that, in the words of Vikki Reynolds, “a socially just world is a mentally well world.” My framework attends to ways in which systems of oppression generate trauma and other health impacts. I am LGBTQIA+-affirming, and an anti-sizeist/Health at Every Size philosophy informs my work.

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